Back to our future roots

 Verdant Valleys

West Asturias, Iberian Peninsula

Situated in the lush hills of North-West Iberia, we settle the rich lands and quaint villages of the region.
This is a community founded for the brave – those who choose to go against the grain in order to achieve what they know is good, true and beautiful.
Here at Verdant Valleys we strive to achieve self-sufficiency and individual sovereignty, trying to live according to the principles of natural law and uphold traditional values.
We foster morality and honesty, and seek to always learn and grow as people.
Living as neighbors side by side, we care for and help one another as friends, as a tribe.

This is what we look for:

We believe in a future where independent communities organize to create systems and structures that are based on principles that matter – that work; not only for the community but also promote a healthy environment around them.

Our most important considerations for this, are: humility, gratefulness, morality, honesty, responsibility, hard work, generosity, kindness…

If you are someone who is willing to sacrifice comforts, benefits and privileges – take control of your own life, and become a producer, rather than a consumer, then we are looking for someone like you!

This is what we avoid:

However, we are strictly not interested in meeting people who: are looking for an easy life, think they are entitled to or owed things, have a victim mentality, constantly complain or look for things to blame their problems on, are not humble enough to collaborate with others properly, have a selfish or opportunistic outlook on life, and many such attitudes that could fall into these categories.

In other words: People who aren’t ready to engage life with an attitude of “How can I help?” – or – “What can I do to help others?” ought to seriously reflect on what they are looking for, before reaching out.

Our core tenets

With nature in mind, we do our best to live sustainably, for the environment, but also for our progeny.
Although collectively we form a community, we like to keep our own private domains.
One of our main goals is to grow and never stop learning: Responsibility, honesty, honor and morality lie at the forefront of what we value.

Biodynamic agriculture

A holistic approach to farming.


with your own privacy.

Living in the Private

Reserving all our Rights.

Structure and philosophy

While each neighbor has the freedom to settle wherever they may choose, we help everyone find the right place as closely as possible to the vicinity, in order to form a more steadfast neighborhood.
We want to cultivate the spirit of entrepreneurialism and trade, which is why we’ve started this project in the first place: to connect like-minds.
Therefore, we also encourage men and women to trade with each other, inside and outside of the community. This can be in the form of barter or regular payment for goods and services.
When it comes to spirituality, diet and other difficult topics, we try to unite, rather than divide.
How and what each person eats, is their own business.
As a community, we are nondenominational. However, we do closely adhere to our core tenets.

Are you who we’re looking for?

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